10 things Pierce Brosnan can’t live without

The name is Brosnan… Pierce Brosnan. Even though he hasn’t been a member of HM Secret Service for two decades, the Irish actor is still one of the coolest people on the planet. Case in point: Later this year, he’ll make his DC Extended Universe debut alongside The Rock. Black Adam, in which Brosnan plays a flying witch-slash-superhero named Doctor Fate. Ahead of his press rounds, we caught up with the most beautiful Bond (fight us) for the latest installment of GQ’s 10 Essentials.

Aside from a few big-ticket items—like a Girard-Perregaux watch and some Bottega Veneta slippers—many of Brosnan’s must-haves are things you can definitely get behind…and probably afford. Things like Bose’s GQ-favorite noise-canceling headphones and a trusty pair of Birkenstock Arizona, a shoe the actor has worn for years. Brosnan’s obsession with the German footwear brand is a little surprising, he’ll be the first to admit, but considering he splits his time between the sunny beaches of Kauai and Malibu, it’s hardly hard to understand the appeal. Arizonas are comfortable, easy to throw on, and can look even better with a pair of socks. (And yes, they’re just as important in the fall.)

But when Brosnan isn’t chillin’ by the sea in his Birks, he keeps a few other things in the usual loop. First up are On’s suddenly ubiquitous running shoes (a waterproof version, thank you very much), a fancy all-purpose sneaker that his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, put on. Brosnan appreciates their comfort and breathability—so much so, in fact, that they’ve made cameos in his last two films.

Birkenstock Arizona sandals

Pierce Brosnan, the king of affordable footwear? Well, not really. Because the third shoe the actor calls out is a pair of Bottega Veneta woven leather slippers — asking price: a cool $1,650. And the bending doesn’t stop there; Bottega makes these joints in custom colors and materials just for Brosnan, who emphasizes their softness and durability.

It turns out that Pierce Brosnan is a high-low type. Who would have thought that? The world might not be enough (sorry), but three shoes will do.

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Running Cloud 5 on waterproof shoes

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Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather slippers