11 of the best films to watch this May

11. Men

Alex Garland, the writer-director of Annihilation and Ex Machina, and the screenwriter of Sunshine and 28 Days Later, moves away from science fiction and into folk horror. “It’s the horror of rural England,” Garland tells the Empire. “It’s certain kinds of churches, certain kinds of forest – the shadows within dark green.” Jessie Buckley stars as a young widow who goes on holiday to a village in the countryside after the death of her husband. The twist is that there don’t seem to be any other women in the area – and all the local men are played by Rory Kinnear in a variety of different wigs. From Kind Hearts and Coronets to The Nutty Professor, it’s the kind of gimmick that tends to be used in comedies rather than horror films. Can Garland’s comment on toxic masculinity succeed in being more scary than silly?

Released on May 20 in the US and Canada, and on June 1 in the UK and Ireland

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