22 Libra gift ideas for her birthday

Welcome to Libra season! Stylish, highly social Libras are known for their ease with people, willingness to listen to all sides of an argument and loyalty in relationships. Romantic Libras love to give and receive gifts, which makes them a lot of fun to shop for.

Annabel Gat, the author of “The Astrology of Love & Sex” and “The Moon Sign Guide,” and a senior astrologer at Vice, says, “Libras are easy to get along with and usually easy to spot because they are so stylish. They are social butterflies, but they are also very intellectual: Libra is an air sign, which means that community, communication and ideas are important to them. Libras love receiving gifts; they are usually not afraid to admit that they like to get hurt!”

With birthdays from September 23 to October 22, the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. They will appreciate items that are aesthetically pleasing; Gat says it’s important to “think deeply about what her personal style is before you buy.” Ahead, we’ve rounded up 22 perfect gift ideas for the Libra in your life.

$128 to Saks Fifth Avenue

A beautiful silk tie is another way to incorporate silk into a Libra birthday gift – Libras are consumed with being beautiful, so you can’t go wrong with an eye-catching and expensive accessory.

$30 to Macy’s

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Mirage

Chanel’s Mirage nail polish is a beautiful dark mauve with purple undertones that elevates the traditional pale pink polish while still remaining classic enough for any occasion.

$78 to Bloomingdale’s

Aerangis No.1 The Beginning

Libras tend to be the romantic and love a woody, floral and citrusy scent all year round. Natural peacekeepers, Libras love to relax with a beautifully scented candle like Aerangis No.

$138 to Sephora

Armani Beauty Si Intense Eau de Parfum

“Roses and honey are often associated with Venus, the ruling planet of Libra,” says Gat. Armani Beauty’s Si Intense perfume has notes of rose and honey, making it the perfect scent for a Libra.

$32 to Sephora

Laneige Sweet Dreams Trio

“Skin care products and perfume is another area that Libra enjoys,” says Stellas. “To make
sure the smell is delicate; products with very strong scents that are not natural will not appeal.”

$14.99 at Amazon

Bushwick Kitchen Bees Rabbits Spicy Honey

Give your Libra the gift of hot honey – after all, what better way to tell your “honey” that you think they’re “hot stuff” and the “bee’s knees” than with Bushwick Kitchen’s Bees Knees Spicy Honey?!

13.52 US dollars Etsy

CoverCraftStudio Card Holder

“Get her a gift card,” says Gat. “Sure, they can be impersonal, but Libras often love to shop, so they’ll really appreciate it if it’s for a store they love.” When giving a gift card, it is a good idea to buy a nice gift card holder to make the gift a little more personal.

$128 to Mejuri

Mejuri Layered Opal necklace

“Opal is the birthstone of Libra,” says Stellas, “and any classically designed jewelry that includes opals is always a winning birthday gift.”

$146.69 at Etsy

ElysianArtisanCA Handmade Copper Wire Heart Bonsai Tree Sculpture

“Libras appreciate a gift with mysticism,” says Gat, “and an item for their curiosity cabinet can please them. Perhaps copper, as it is Venus’ metal.”

$17.99 at Amazon

'Soul Helper Oracle: Messages from Your Higher Self' by Christine Arana Fader

Libra’s symbol is the scales of justice. “All Librans seek balance in partnerships and individually throughout their lives,” says Stellas. “Libras weigh all sides of a problem to try and understand all points of view and make the best decisions. Making a clear, quick decision is difficult for this sign.” An oracle deck can help the indecisive Libra gain clarity.

38.49 US dollars Amazon

'Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup' by Gabriela Hernandez

“Libras also love beautiful books,” says Stellas. “Whatever you choose for Libra, it must be well designed and beautiful.” The Libra in your life will love a wonderful book about beauty.

$19.95 at Amazon

'The astrology of love and sex' by Annabel Gat

When it comes to choosing books for Libras, themes of beauty and love are good bets. “Libras are all about relationships,” says Gat, “so check out ‘The Astrology of Love & Sex!’

$49.95 at Amazon

Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

The Libran love of beauty extends beyond the gift itself – presentation is important to Libras, and they will appreciate a beautifully wrapped gift. “Libras appreciate beautiful packaging,” says Gat. “Give them delicious chocolate in a nice box.”

From $17 at Etsy

SecondCityStationery Personalized Custom Libra Stationery

“Libras are very polite,” says Gat. “They’re unlikely to let you know if they don’t appreciate a gift!” Give a set of note cards so the ever polite Libra can write you a thank you note for your thoughtful gift.

From $38 at Etsy

JuliaCreationDesigns Monogrammed Pillowcases, 2-Pack

Stellas says that a beautiful set of embroidered pillowcases will delight the Libra in your life, and give her a nice place to rest her pretty head.

$144 to Catbird

1976 Forever Bracelet

“Libras are all about their relationships,” says Gat, “so a gift that includes you can be a great idea, whether it’s matching jewelry celebrating your friendship or a couple’s spa day.” If you​​​​​​are lucky enough to have a Libra BFF, treat them to one of Catbird’s forever bracelets and get it on their wrist with its free welding service.

86.46 US dollars Etsy

CustomGiftsAZ Large Boho Macrame Hammock

Because Libras love relationships, and sharing space with their beloved, Stellas says that a hammock for two makes a great gift to them.

$133.99 at Amazon

Picnic Time Belmont Picnic Basket for 4

“If you choose something a little extravagant and beautiful,” says Stellas, “you will never go wrong in your gift selection for Libra.” She suggests giving a beautiful picnic basket, which will appeal to the romantic Libra.

$26.99 at Amazon

Breella Vera Ice Globes Face Massager

We love ice rollers for massaging the face, depuffing and cooling, but most facial rollers are, to be blunt, not terribly attractive. This set of gold ice cream cones is as beautiful as it is functional, and a Libra will love using it when weighing a difficult decision.

$60 to Cratejoy

Birthday Teacup Subscription Box by Erika's Tea Room Scones & Gifts

For the Anglophile Libra, Stellas suggests a gift of tea for two. This birthday tea set comes with everything you need to host high tea, including scones, tea and a tea cup and saucer set.

$195 to Naadam

Naadam The Essential Cashmere Sweatpants

“You can’t go wrong with clothes, jewelry or books for this stylish and intellectual zodiac sign,” says Gat. We love these beautiful cashmere sweaters for a Libra, who will appreciate having high-quality lounge pants for long days spent curled up with a good book.