9now’s scariest shows: not to be missed outside of Australia

Are you looking forward to watching some creepy and spooky TV shows? If yes, then 9now is one of the best platforms that offers a wide range of series worth watching. But since you are planning to watch TV series online, it is important to be careful about the security and safety of your data.

Additionally, accessing 9now outside of Australia may not be an easy task due to location restrictions. But if you have a VPN, you have nothing to worry about. This allows you to get 9now outside Australia while protecting your personal information.

A VPN encrypts information and protects your data from being read by someone else. Also, both paid and free VPN versions allow you to choose according to your needs. Some notable VPN options include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN, SurfShark, and IP-vanish VPN. They offer reliable services and are known for their ease of use.

So once you’re done with your VPN, here’s 9now’s list of the scariest shows you can enjoy this Halloween season.

This is the telecast of the all time famous movie “Chucky”. Jake, a 14-year-old teenager, is trying to adjust to life as a teenager, but he and his friends have much more to worry about. Vintage doll Chucky is back in town for a suburban yard sale.

After its release, a series of chaos and gruesome murders take place in the city. Exposing the city’s hypocrisy and secrets, Chucky’s allies and enemies soon arrive, threatening to reveal the truth behind all the killings. It’s time to find out the truth about the origin of this demon puppet and how to stop it.

John Constantine, a man with a deep knowledge of the occult and a wicked sense of humor, is haunted by the sins of his past. The demon hunter realized that fighting evil was useless because his soul belonged to the nether world. But he soon rejoins the battle when the daughter of one of his closest friends, Liv, becomes a demon target.

Liv can see another world and even predict supernatural events that threaten to rise from the shadows of a new evil. Now it’s up to John and Liv to join forces, find the demons and send them back to Hell.

An alien series with a great plot; it’s really fun to watch. After the Earth crash, the alien assumes the identity of Harry Vanderspeigle, a Colorado doctor. With a wicked plan to kill people, he’s all set until he finds a 9-year-old boy can see right through him in his true alien form.

The dilemma now arises as he tries to fight his urge to complete his mission. Harry tries to warn people, but things get complicated when solving a murder case. See if Harry can save the world or not.

Aliens invade Earth and there are only a small group of survivors who can now fight back. The group is known as Second Mass, led by Boston history professor Tom Mason. His wife was killed in the attack, while one of his three sons is among the bewitched teenagers.

His desperation to save his son leads him to join the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment, which aims to protect the survivors. Using his knowledge, he gets information about the aliens and develops a plan of action. But this is not the end. Plans change and now the survivors face a big question.

Finding the purpose of the aliens on Earth is indeed important now.

This is not just a horror series, but one that gives you chills. Investigative teams discover and uncover the dark world of murderous cults as they delve into strange murder cases. This is a full 4 hour episode.

It begins with the story of a self-proclaimed prophet who convinces his followers to murder an innocent family and moves to a vampire coven in search of a victim. The show explores the power of manipulation and how it can affect our lives.

The details of each case are revealed through interviews with detectives, former cult leaders and the victims’ closest relatives and friends. Learn the psychology of cult leaders who achieve their goals by instilling fear into the hearts of their followers.

Magic can be dangerous. The series explores biography Cassie Blake, a young girl who recently lost her mother in a terrible fire accident. After this accident, Blake had to move to Chance Harbor to live with his grandparents.

Adjusting to her new life without her beloved mother, her new friends seem excited to tell her that she is one of the strongest witches to ever walk the earth and that her return to the secret circle has been long overdue. Blake has no idea how to handle this newfound power and makes some near-fatal mistakes.


Spooky shows have a wide variety of content that includes horror, murder mystery and more. These shows are sure to give you chills; the way they are presented is simply amazing.

Although these shows are only supposed to air on 9now in Australia, you can watch them anywhere in the world thanks to a VPN. So, get the best VPN that your budget allows and start enjoying these spooky and mysterious shows on 9now in no time.