Anthony Taberna bags the insurance endorsement

Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc., led by President Romulo de los Reyes (left), welcomes Anthony “Ka Tunying” Taberna (center) as its first celebrity endorser.

STRONGHOLD Insurance Company Inc. has introduced award-winning Filipino broadcaster Anthony “Ka Tunying” Taberna as its first celebrity endorser.

After 62 years, Stronghold, one of the leading well-funded insurers in the Philippines, chose Taberna as its sponsor, hoping to provide a stronger service in basic insurance coverage to more corporate and private customers, including ordinary Filipinos.

The firm believes that Taberna is a personality that fully represents their goal of being the best P&C insurance company in the country.

“We are thrilled and excited to start a new journey with Ka Tunying as our supporter,” said Stronghold President Romulo Delos Reyes, adding that they look forward to serving their customers better and stronger to stay on top.

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At the time of the formal signing, Taberna also encouraged Filipinos to purchase casualty insurance from Stronghold.

“Doon tayo sa #SubokNa,” he said.

Taberna said she is grateful for the opportunity to support Stronghold as she herself represents a stronger brand after her career, business and even her family were challenged by the coronavirus pandemic.

“These challenges taught me to be prepared and strong for the worst in whatever obstacle life throws at me,” said Taberna.

In March 2022, the Insurance Commission (IC) reported that Stronghold had the third largest paid-up capital among 57 non-life insurance companies.

With a total paid-up capital of P1.5 billion as of 2021, the insurance company recorded annual growth in the number of clients, companies and individuals.

The commission explained that Stronghold’s impressive position in the management of the company was highlighted when it was named among the top 10 non-life insurance companies in the country, contributing more than P2.3 billion in net worth.

The company rose from very humble beginnings and reached the pinnacle of success after the then Mabuhay Insurance & Guaranty Co., Inc. was incorporated on March 21, 1960 as a wholly owned non-life insurance company of the Philippines.

Fire, motor vehicle, marine, accident and surety are among these lines. Damage insurance covers the lives and property of the insured, which have arisen as a result of unknown and unforeseen events, so that in case of loss or damage, the insurance company, as in this case Stronghold Insurance, pays to restore the same financial status or condition, for the insured to move forward and recover.

Stronghold, which now has branches in major cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, is committed to covering the Philippine market with excellent service and loss insurance that ensures the protection of their customers’ hard-earned investments.