Björk shares video for new single ‘Ancestress’

Björk has released a new track, “Ancestress,” which is the latest preview of her upcoming album Fossora. As a tribute to her late mother, the song comes with a video directed by Andrew Thomas Huang and created by Björk and James Merry. Watch and listen below.

Björk wrote on Instagram that ‘Ancestress’ is one of two songs addressed to her late mother, which was “written after her earthly funeral and is probably a normal musician’s reaction, an impulse to make her own version of the song later.” He elaborated:

this song is a letter to my mother, her story seen from my point of view
it is written in chronological order, the first verse being my childhood and so on
I only recently discovered that this song is probably somehow inspired by the Icelandic song “grafskrift”
which is somehow a very direct and patriarchal account of someone’s life
I probably wanted a more feminine approach to it
his biological and emotional story
not his professions, partners, or dates of birth and death

I am very grateful to my son sindri eldon for arranging and singing the vocals for the verses
as he has a delicious voice and was very close to her.

For 20 years I haven’t been able to attend a funeral because something about it rubbed me the wrong way.
maybe a lot of it is after living a thousand concert lives, i probably have too strong ideas about what ritual should be,
what kind of sound, musical structure, lyrics, and it took me all this time to discover that for me all funerals should be out.
What probably offended me the most was how can you unleash a spirit in a claustrophobic setting like a church?
when the soul goes on its way, it must be outside so that there is room for how enormous it becomes when it merges with the elements

Fossora will be released on September 30. So far it has been previewed with the singles ‘Ovule’ and ‘Atopos’.