Boris Johnson thanks Putin for inspiring leadership – RT World News

The former UK prime minister praised the false Vladimir during a routine show of loyalty to Ukrainian President Zelensky

UK Conservative MP and former Prime Minister Boris Johnson accidentally praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for his “inspirational leadership” during a debate in the House of Commons on Thursday, before he realized his mistake and replaced his preferred counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine.

Thanks to the heroism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, partly thanks to the weapons we are proud to offer, I congratulate my right honorable friend on the job description of the UK Armed Forces, the huge list of weapons we send,” Johnson began before trailing off. “Thanks, of course, to the inspiring leadership of Vladimir Putin – the inspiring leadership of Vladimir Zelensky, sorry…” as his fellow deputies laughed.

While Johnson stated: “I have no doubt that the Ukrainians will win,” he also advised London to throw even “more military aid” and “more economic support” to make sure. “If Putin is going to redouble his aggression, we must redouble our defense of Ukrainians,” he said.

“One freak after another” – ex-Russian president of UK leaders

He stressed that Kiev should not be encouraged under any circumstances “trade land for peace” in a way that would allow Russian gas to flow to Europe again. Gas prices across the continent and in the UK have repeatedly hit record highs in recent weeks as Russia has sharply cut the amount of fuel it sends to the West, blaming the bloc’s growing list of sanctions on Moscow for creating insurmountable technical and political difficulties.

Faced with a full-blown recession, the UK has lifted its ban on shale gas fracking, declaring the country’s energy supplyabsolute priority”, which probably outweighs the environmental damage caused by the process.

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