How to get the adorable doe eyes trending on TikTok

Statement eye makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. Just look at the main eye trends making waves on TikTok this year – fox eyes, siren eyes and now, doe eyes. Each look is based on enhancing the eye shape, and requires only a few products and a steady hand to create on yourself.

“The doe eye trend is round, wide eyes that give the illusion of bigger eyes,” explains celebrity makeup artist Moani Lee, who works with Kacey Musgraves. “Instead of an elongated cat-eye shape embraced by the siren eye, one can choose to skip eyeliner altogether for a more natural look or wear eyeliner along the lash line, thicker in the center followed by a soft flick for something more drama.”

By making the eyes bigger and rounder, the doe eye trend creates a youthful, innocent effect. Think of Twiggy in the 1960s, with her simple but bold eye makeup that emphasized voluminous lashes and the wide-eyed effect.

“Those clever TikTokers have a way of using the medium to make trends that may appear in other forms throughout history feel modern and new again,” says makeup artist Suzy Gerstein from New York . Beyond TikTok, doe eyes have also been a popular trend among celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Sydney Sweeney, Yara Shahidi, Kacey Musgraves and Blackpink’s Lisa.

To create the “doll-like eye shape” of the doe eye trend, the makeup artist says the key components are “slightly turned up dark liner on the upper lash line, beige or white kohl pencil in the waterline and mascara concentrated in the center most lashes.”

Ahead, the makeup artists share their favorite products for creating the doe eye trend, along with pro tips on how to apply them.

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Lee likes this long-wearing, waterproof eyeliner in Graphite to create the doe eye look. “Add a thicker liner in the center of your upper lash line and blend out the edge or add a soft flick for added drama,” she says. For a softer look, the makeup artist says to opt for a brown liner or skip the liner altogether.

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K-Palette 1Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H Waterproof

Gerstein says she has been using this Japanese eyeliner for years. “[I] love how thin I can get the line with it, plus the fact that it doesn’t move,” she says.

$50 at Guide Beauty

Guide Beauty Guide Eyeliner Duo

When doing eyeliner at home, it can be difficult to be precise. “If you​​​​​​have trouble with unsteady hands, the liner tool and gel liner from Guide Beauty are great options,” suggests Gerstein.

$22 at Make Up For Ever and Sephora

Make Up For Ever Artist Colored Pencil

For the lower lash line, Lee suggests this multi-use matte pencil. She likes the intense color payoff, and says to try Boundless Bisque’ or Infinite Sand, depending on your skin tone. “A bare liner gives a more natural wide-eyed effect,” says Lee. Alternatively, grab the pencil in All Around White for a more dramatic effect.

$28 at Violet Grey

Victoria Beckham Beauty Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil

Created specifically for the waterline, this vibrant pencil is a favorite of Gerstein’s. The light beige tone works with a multitude of skin tones.

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Jillian Dempsey Khôl Eyeliner in

For fair complexions, Gerstein recommends brightening up the lower lash line with this white eyeliner, which she says has a “creamy, dreamy Kajal formula.”

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Nyx Wonder Pencil Micro Highlighter Pencil

Gerstein also suggests this multi-use pencil for those with deeper complexions. “I love that it’s double-sided – matte on one end, and the other end gives more of a shimmery finish perfect for highlighting the inner corners,” says the makeup artist. For longer wear, she suggests layering shade on top, too.

$22 at Rare Beauty and Sephora

Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer

“I love a natural, skin-like highlight and Rare Beauty delivers with this selection of highlighters,” says Lee. “Choose your favorite depending on your skin tone. Use clean fingers to apply to the inner corner of your eyes for a natural effect. You can double up and use these beautiful highlighters on the top of your cheekbones for a naturally sculpted effect.

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Westman Atelier Eye Pod in

“I love this pale champagne shade from Westman Atelier for applying to the inner corners and center of the lid for a bright, wide-eyed effect,” shares Gerstein.

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Dior Diorshow Overcurl Mascara

This volumizing mascara is Gerstein’s choice for “emphasizing curl and building length and volume through the middle lashes.”

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Yves Saint Laurent Lash Flash Extreme Volume Mascara

“I love this mascara for giving me the fullest, richest lashes,” says Lee. “It’s perfect for adding drama to the center of your lashes.” Concentrating the mascara on the center of your eyes, rather than the inner or outer corners, will help make the eyes appear larger.

$28 at Violet Grey

Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara

“If you​​​​​​are using false lashes, a tubing mascara like this one from Victoria Beckham Beauty is all you need to coat lashes before applying,” shares Gerstein.

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Lashify Curl Plus+ Gossamer Lashes

False eyelashes can highlight the round, wide-eyed effect of the doe-eye trend. Gerstein likes Lashify’s C+ lashes in short and medium for a natural yet enhanced look. The make-up artist says that “keep the longest eyelashes through the center third of the eye, and the shortest on the inner and outer third.”

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Fran Wilson Eye Tees Precision Makeup Applicators

Gerstein recommends keeping cotton buds and micellar water on hand to sharpen your eyeliner if you go wrong. She picks them up at Alcone Company in New York, or you can try this two-piece from Amazon. They have a rounded end and a pointed end for precision.

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

This cult-favorite micellar water is also Gerstein’s favorite for touch-ups.