How to help victims of Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona

In light of the classic California edition Nuestra Musica Stream, where we honor LatinX-influenced classical music, we wanted to take some time to talk about ways you can show support for organizations doing critical work for victims of Hurricane Fiona.

Hurricane Fiona dumped 30 inches of rain on the Dominican Republic, causing utter devastation. Hundreds of people have also been evacuated or rescued in communities along the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico. The storm made a devastating impact on Puerto Rico five years after Hurricanes Irma and Maria tore through the island just a week apart in 2017. Below are some reputable organizations where you can help.

Higher Salud

What they do: Higher Salud is a feminist community-based nonprofit in Puerto Rico dedicated to improving women’s access to health care, reducing community violence, and promoting economic development through education and activism.

How you can help: The nonprofit is currently accepting items and money for those affected by the hurricane. Items needed include non-perishable food, toiletries, solar lanterns, water filters and water. They can be sent to their offices:

Higher Salud
Call 1 D40
Urb Jardines de Loíza, PR 00772


Higher Salud
Carr 187 km 24.4 Parcelas Vieques
#33 Mediania Alta
Loíza, PR 00772.

Monetary donations are also accepted via PayPal and Network for good.

Happy givers

What does it do? Happy Givers is a non-profit organization that directs and assists Puerto Rico’s home rebuilding program and provides disaster relief. (It also runs an orphanage in Peru.)

How you can help: The Foundation is currently accepting donations as he prepares to host and cater for families on his campus. You can support The Happy Givers’ efforts by purchasing an item from them online store; 100% of proceeds go to rebuilding projects in Puerto Rico. If it is safe, they also encourage volunteers to stay on campus and to help, for example, in light construction or cooking.

Fundación Pisadas de Amor

What it does: non-profit serves Puerto Rico’s older adults and families with food, home furnishings and mental health support, all with the goal of improving quality of life.

How you can help: The organization’s president and founder, Julio Enrique Soto Cuban, took to Facebook to urge the community to check on their parents. The organization accepts financial donations continue your work.

La Brigada Solidaria del Oeste

What it does: the group is a community initiative (the “mutual aid” group) in Puerto Rico, made up of leaders from various organizations and communities. It aims to promote community self-management and develop ways to solve problems without government assistance.

How you can help: La Brigada Solidaria del Oeste and related organizations are activating their mutual support network in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. The group accepts financial donations provide direct assistance to affected communities.

Voluntary organizations operating in Puerto Rico’s disaster situation

What it does: Voluntary organizations operating in Puerto Rico’s disaster situation is a subsidiary of the national group National VOAD. The mission of the local chapter is to strengthen the capacity of organizations operating together in the territory to respond to communities affected by disaster.

How you can help: The organization welcomes volunteers, but asks that you first contact its office by calling 787-330-0382 or by email. [email protected] After the organization has had a chance to assess the damage and identify unmet needs, it will match you with a trusted Puerto Rico VOAD member to work with – so be patient.

It is also accepting financial donations support its members locally.

Hispanic Federation

What it does: Hispanic Federation seeks to strengthen and support the Hispanic community and strengthen Latino institutions through disaster relief, college success programs, nonprofit advocacy, public education, and national nonpartisan civic engagement. Its program UNIDOSE Disaster Relief and Recovery Programme serves the immediate and long-term needs of Puerto Rican families and communities.

How you can help: The organization is currently accepting financial donations to get emergency services and supplies directly to Puerto residents affected by Hurricane Fiona. You can make a one-time or monthly donation.

Direct assistance

What it does: Direct assistance works in the US and internationally to expand access to medicines and healthcare by providing doctors and nurses with life-saving medical resources. It proactively provides emergency medicine with health facilities in hurricane-prone areas of the Gulf Coast and Caribbean.

How you can help: The organization accepts one-time or monthly financial donations to support their efforts in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean countries affected by Fiona.

Diaspora Puerto Rico, Inc.

What it does: A non-profit organization based in New York it was created by Puerto Ricans who relocated to the state in the previous decade. Its goal is to promote the well-being, self-sufficiency, and empowerment of the Puerto Rican community by providing access to information about services, organizations, events, and contacts to create a support network.

How you can help: Currently collecting financial donations to support Hurricane Fiona victims on the island, the fundraising goal is $50,000.

You can also buy items from non-profit organizations Amazon Wish Listsuch as portable solar generators, emergency radios, portable fans and solar chargers.

Stronger than Maria

What it does: Stronger than Maria is a non-profit organization founded to improve the lives of those affected by Hurricane Maria in 2017. This is done by building homes, distributing food and water, delivering necessary household items and providing financial assistance to families in need.

How you can help: It is currently providing disaster relief in Puerto Rico and needs support. The non-profit organization accepts monetary donations PayPal.

Finally, here is a list of Instagram grassroots organizations doing restoration work in Hispaniola.