Laver Cup 2022 LIVE: Roger Federer plays final match with Rafael Nadal after beating Andy Murray

Emotional Roger Federer wishes he could ‘go on forever’ as he prepares to retire from tennis

Watch live as Roger Federer says goodbye to tennis and plays the final match of his career with Rafael Nadal at the Laver Cup. Emerging as perhaps the greatest champion in tennis history, Federer retires from the sport at the age of 41, and the moment has brought the sport and his rivals together at the O2 Arena.

Federer’s wish to play one last match with his great rival Nadal has been fulfilled by organizing a special event where Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray will also compete in the European team. They take on Team World, led by John McEnroe, who have lost all four previous editions of the matchplay-style event.

Three singles matches were played before tonight’s doubles match. Casper Ruud won the day’s opening match against Jack Sock 6-4 5-7 (10-7) and was followed by Stefanos Tsitsipas who crushed Diego Schwartzman 6-2 6-1 to double Europe’s lead.

However, the match was overshadowed by a bizarre climate change protest in which a man set fire to his hand while walking onto the pitch wearing a t-shirt that read: ‘End UK Private Jets’.

Murray then faced Alex De Minaur as Team World claimed their first point in a long 5-7 6-3 (10-7) victory before the eyes of the world turn to Federer for the final time as the Swiss brings his legendary career to life. to the end. Follow live coverage of the opening day of the Laver Cup below:


Laver Cup 2022: *Federer / Nadal 6-4 4-4 Sokk / Tiafoe

Two quick serve holds follow. Federer has been very impressive, while Sock balances his chances with Tiafoe at 4-4. Will anyone get a breakthrough or are we headed for a decider?


Laver Cup 2022: *Federer / Nadal 6-4 3-3 Sokk / Tiafoe

That’s why the last hold was so important for Europe – Tiafoe and Sock suddenly find themselves facing a double break point as Tiafoe’s serve goes out of hand. There’s confusion at the net, but the ball seems to hit the court twice from Nadal’s shot – and Europe breaks! Tiafoe is not too happy about it. I’m sure McEnroe would approve.

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Laver Cup 2022: *Federer / Nadal 6-4 2-3 Sokk / Tiafoe

Match point from Nadal! It’s a stunner, a sliding backhand winner down the line and around the net that gets everyone on their feet. Even Federer would have been proud of that.

Europe manages to secure itself in the second set.


Laver Cup 2022: *Federer / Nadal 6-4 1-3 Sokk / Tiafoe

Sock bounces his racket off the court in frustration as Team World immediately gives Nadal and Federer two chances to return. Nadal had just gone wide with a backhand and then goes long.

Sock and Taifoe seemed to get in each other’s way – but then comes Federer who takes the ball over Nadal – smashes a forehand wide open!

Deuce is followed by another break point opportunity – Federer runs around a backhand but he sends it wide! Tiafoe finishes it off with a wonderful shot before Sock drops the ball dead into the European’s side.


Laver Cup 2022: Federer / Nadal 6-4 1-2 Sock / Tiafoe*

Suddenly a tricky moment for Europe at 0:30 as Nadal pushes a forehand wide. Nadal goes on his own again and the world is given three break points.

Nadal finds space to save the first and then aces the second – but as Federer reaches for the volley at the net, he can’t keep it in play.

Tiafoe and Sok edge in front.


Laver Cup 2022: *Federer / Nadal 6-4 1-1 Sokk / Tiafoe

Great game from Nadal and Federer! Nadal’s forehand gets the job done before Federer steps in with a volley – Tiafoe can’t answer and Djokovic raises his hands in recognition.

It makes it 30-30, but Tiafoe gets out of trouble with his serve, a huge weapon.


Laver Cup 2022: Federer / Nadal 6:4 1:0 Sock / Tiafoe*

Federer’s serve is still difficult to read, and Team World has yet to come close. As Federer and Nadal finish the opener, Tiafoe nearly takes Nadal’s head off with a long forehand.


Laver Cup 2022: Federer / Nadal 6-4 Sock / Tiafoe – Europe wins fist set!

Great from Nadal! He opens the court wonderfully to give Europe a chance at 40-30 after Tiafoe’s strong serve.

Federer then pops a forehand, firing it at Sock, and it takes Europe to two.

Tiafoe misses one and as Federer puts it away, suddenly it’s a point! Federer whips a forehand into the court after his return and the American pair into the net!

That’s how Federer and Nadal lead!


Laver Cup 2022: Federer / Nadal 5-4 Sock / Tiafoe*

Sock hits a backhand winner and Team World senses the first chance of the match at 30:30. Tiafoe then steps in, cutting Nadal off and the Spaniard slams a backhand into the net.

Break point but the ball rises to Federer and he parries away! Tiafoe then hits the net on the return and Federer catches the net with a smart backhand!


Laver Cup 2022: *Federer / Nadal 4-4 Sock / Tiafoe

Tiafoe plays a beautiful fade ball at the net as Team World move level again. Americans are certainly not deterred by the stage.