Macron speculates on Putin’s thinking on CNN – RT World News

Moscow’s foreign policy is affected by the president’s “post-Covid-19 isolation”, the French leader believes

Russian foreign policy towards Ukraine is dictated by President Vladimir Putin’s whims rather than rational thinking, his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron has claimed.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday, Macron speculated about Putin’s thinking and reasons for ordering Russian troops to enter Ukraine in late February.

“I don’t have a rational explanation. I think it’s a series of resentment, it’s a strategy of hegemony in the region, and I would say it’s a post-Covid-19 consequence, isolation. he said.

The French leader claimed that if Putin “He decided to start his war on the 21st of February, I think he made the first mistake, a huge one. And he decided to put Russia in a position where she is really a new imperial country and start a colonial war.

On February 21, Putin signed orders to recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics as sovereign states. Moscow pledged troops to protect the two Donbass republics and called on Kiev to withdraw its forces from territory it considered its own, which the Ukrainian government refused to do. Russia began its military campaign against Kiev on 24

The hostilities followed decades of Russian complaints about NATO expansion in Europe, which the US and its allies had delayed despite promises made by the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, not to do so.

Moscow made a last-ditch attempt to resolve the conflict with NATO last year, when it demanded written guarantees that enlargement would cease. The US-led military bloc refused, arguing that any country, including Ukraine, has the right to apply for NATO membership.

In an interview with CNN, Macron claimed that “It is now clear to everyone that the leader who decided to go to war, the leader who decided to escalate, is President Putin.”

Tapper asked about the stances of countries such as China, which recognize Moscow’s rationale for opposing NATO expansion while refusing to join the U.S.-led effort to arm Ukraine and punish Russia with economic sanctions. Macron refused to condemn them.

“I think we need to avoid lecturing people and telling them we’re on the good side of history. I think if we have a lot of respect, try to understand where they stand, what they believe in and what their feelings are, we can convince them. he said.

The French president defended his diplomatic contacts with Putin, saying they had produced positive results. He also said it would be unfair to criticize Germany for being dependent on Russian energy for decades.

Macron dismissed Tapper’s criticism of the UN as outdated, arguing that there was no better alternative.