Meet the sons of model-musician-filmmaker Pierce Brosnan

Critics saw the show as longer in style than substance, but its style endures; the show is a perfect retro-80s flow, a champagne bubble bath for your brain. The ratings were good and the show ran for five seasons. Brosnan scattered the art supplies that went into the closet. “I was on American television and I was making a nice salary and I thought it was time to paint. And all I did was work.

Harris became ill around 1986. One night the following year, Brosnan says, “The weight and the pain and the fear of this disease, I took out the paint. And started painting. With my fingers. Actually, with my hands.”

This canvas is in the show. “This is how we start – hard. But beautiful, beautiful.”

Remington Steele I got to the attention of legendary James Bond producer Albert Broccoli, who is said to have seen Brosnan’s photo and said, “If he can act, he’s my man.” US network NBC caught wind of this and kept Brosnan under contract for another shortened season; the next Bond would be Timothy Dalton. But Brosnan would be it next the next Bond – he took over the role, starting in 1995 Golden Eye.

Brosnan has never drunk and played a Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye 007 – never played it except once, on TV with Jimmy Fallon. The game may be the most memorable aspect of the Brosnan Bond era, but the films get a bad rap as the last Bonds to have the air, an echo of Roger Moore’s arched eyebrow.

Around 2004, Bond’s producers called him in the Bahamas to let him know they were going another way. He was briefly mortified – “It’s terribly depressing that the devils pulled the rug when they did that,” he said. Playboy in 2005 – and then relieved when he was released. His successor, Daniel Craig, excelled through five films, a ghostly-mad Bond in increasingly dark geopolitical times. Now Craig’s time is over and another invention is about to happen. Brosnan answers a question he knows is coming: “Who should do it? I don’t care,” he says.

“It’s going to be interesting to see who they’re going to be, who that guy is going to be,” Brosnan continues in a tone that suggests it might not actually be that interesting. “Whoever he is, I wish him well.”

“I saw the last one,” he says, “and I saw The sky is falling. I love The sky is falling. I’m not too sure about the latter.» Pause. “Daniel always gives from his heart. Very brave, very strong. But…” he says, trailing off.