The Alba Party is calling for action on Scottish independence at Westminster

The Alba party is calling for parliamentary intervention in Westminster to force the UK government to agree to a second Scottish independence referendum.

The party, led by former first minister Alex Salmond, is also calling for “popular street agitation” and international action as part of a resolution at next month’s conference in Stirling.

Alba is also expected to propose that pro-independence parties form a united front at the next general election, with a majority of MPs giving a mandate to start independence talks with Westminster.

A spokesman for the party’s national executive committee said: “It is a golden thread of Scottish history and a constitutional tradition of the people’s sovereignty to decide what form of government best suits our needs.

Independence and solving the cost of living crisis are at the heart of our conference discussions

“Scotland’s legal claim, which has been asserted by the United Kingdom throughout history, from the 14th century to the cross-party agreement of the 1980s, is backed by the international right of self-determination and does not require the consent of the UK Parliament to enter into force.

In addition, Mr Salmond’s party is calling on Scottish MPs to “create conditions that facilitate future independence testing” to avoid reliance on the Supreme Court.

A spokesman for Alba’s party said: ‘Independence and tackling the cost of living crisis are at the heart of our conference discussions.

“Both things are fundamentally linked because it’s absurd that Scotland is an energy-rich country but we have Scots living in fuel poverty.”

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