The Catholic Culture Podcast: 110 – Woke Idols, Woke Pathologies

Jul 15, 2021

Noelle Mering joins the show to discuss her new book Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology.

Topics discussed include:

  • The core principles of woke ideology: group over person, will over reason, power over authority
  • Proof that ideology is what really matters to the woke, more than membership in a victim group

  • How Frankfurt School thinkers who combined neo-Marxism with neo-Freudianism, influenced the training of American schoolteachers

  • The feedback loop between immorality, ensuing misery, and bad ideas

  • Why today’s progressivism is driven to destroy innocence

  • Fundamental differences between woke ideology and Christianity

  • Self-knowledge and self-accusation, antidotes to the woke worldview


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Noelle Mering

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