The Catholic Culture Podcast: 119 – Gilson on the One Secular World Order

Nov 4, 2021

Etienne Gilson’s Metamorphoses of the City of God
traces the quest of philosophers for a universal human society, as it gradually degraded from the heavenly city of which Augustine wrote to modern-day secular humanist globalism. It began with well-intentioned medieval thinkers who were overconfident in the capability of the natural reason to unite the entire world in the Catholic faith – but this led gradually to a turning away from the rationally irreducible Christian mysteries and the person of Jesus Christ.

Writing in 1952 as the European Union was beginning to emerge, Gilson also offered a critical assessment of various attempts to define Europe.

Peter Redpath, co-founder of the International Etienne Gilson Society, joins the podcast to discuss this newly translated work.


The Metamorphoses of the City of God

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