The Catholic Culture Podcast: 128 – As Earth Without Water

Mar 18, 2022

Katy Carl, author of the excellent new novel As Earth Without Water and editor-in-chief of the Catholic arts journal
Dappled Thingsjoins the show to discuss the novel and the state of the Catholic literary scene.

The publisher’s description of As Earth Without Water:

When Dylan Fielding, a celebrated contemporary visual artist, becomes Br. Thomas Augustine, a novice at Our Lady of the Pines monastery, finds delight not only in the shock his choice causes everyone around him but — to his own surprise — in the rhythms of life itself. Shortly before he solidifies a lifelong commitment to the community, a traumatic encounter with an abusive priest plunges Thomas Augustine into terror and doubt. Reeling and uncertain, he reaches out to his friend, rival, and former lover, Angele Solomon, with hopes that she can help him to speak the difficult truth. As she attempts to advocate for her friend, Angele must ask how the scars left by their common past — as well as newer harms — can ever be healed or transcended. The wider inquiries demanded next will transfigure how both of them picture a range of human and divine things: time and memory; art and agency; trust and responsibility; and what it might mean to know real freedom.


As Earth Without Water

Dappled Things

Catholic Imagination Conference 2022

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