The Church of England bans the funeral of Tutu’s gay priest’s daughter

LONDON: Church England confirmed on Friday that it had banned Nobel laureate Desmond’s daughter for life Familiar of conducting the funeral service as he is married to a woman.
Mpho Tutu van Furth is ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church of the United States, which allows same-sex marriage.
But the Church of England does not allow its priests to perform same-sex marriages, saying it goes against its teaching that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.
Same-sex marriages became legal in England in 2013.
Tutu van Furth told the BBC that she was asked to officiate at her godfather’s funeral Martin Kenyonwho had wanted him to take the role.
But this was vetoed by the local Church of England diocese and the Kenyon family moved the funeral from the church to a marquee to allow Tutu van Furth to officiate.
“It felt really annoying and hurtful,” she told the broadcaster.
The Diocese of Hereford told AFP in a statement: “We recognize that this is a difficult situation. The advice was given in line with the current House of Bishops guidance on same-sex marriage.”
Tutu van Furth had earlier in 2016 lost his license to officiate at communions, weddings, baptisms or funerals in South Africa after he married Marceline Tutu van Furth, an Amsterdam-based professor specializing in pediatric infections.
His father, who died last year, was a former Cape Town archbishop and anti-apartheid hero who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984.
Tutu confronted the Anglican Church’s stance on gay rights, saying in 2013: “I wouldn’t worship a God who is homophobic and that’s how deeply I feel about it.”