The New York Mets set an MLB record with 106 strikeouts in 2022

MILWAUKEE — The New York Mets set a major league record with 106 hits this season as Mark Canha hit twice and Luis Guillorme once in Wednesday’s 6-0 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.

New York has been hit more than the 2021 Cincinnati Reds.

“It’s like a broken record right now,” Canha said. “We just roll our eyes when it happens now and move on. All you can do is take advantage of it, hurt and that’s all you can do. Yeah, of course we’re disappointed. great thing with your team happened.”

Mets manager Buck Showalter has repeatedly complained about how many times his players have been hit. He flagged the ball after Jake Cousins’ slider hit Guillorme on the right leg in the ninth.

Asked what he planned to do with the ball, Showalter quipped, “It would be obscene to tell you,” before adding, “I gave it to the hitting coaches. They can do what they want with it.”

On Wednesday, the Mets were beaten in a different way. Mets center fielder Brandon Nimmo injured his left quadriceps while stealing second base and injured his left after the first inning. Left fielder Jeff McNeil slammed his right wrist into the chain link fence trying to catch Brosseau’s push.

Showalter said he expects both players to be OK, but Nimmo will undergo testing Thursday.

“We’ll take a picture tomorrow to see what we’re dealing with,” Showalter said. “You’re always worried, but I hope there’s something to be gained from his caution.”

Canha was hit near the hip in the third and ribs in the fifth. He has a major league record 24 home runs this year and tied Seattle’s Ty France’s record of 27 last season while playing for the Oakland Athletics.

“I’m closer to the plate and I’m not moving,” Canha said. “We’ve got a lot of good hitters, dangerous hitters and good hitters need to be pitched in and we tend to hit a lot.”

A record 2,112 shots were hit last year, surpassing 2019’s 1,984 shots. There were 1,875 hits on Wednesday with two weeks to go.

“Teams have to try to figure out ways to get us out, and I think that’s part of the way, trying to get in,” Nimmo said, “and that’s how you get hit when that happens.”

Cincinnati pitchers have set a record with 99 strikeouts this year, one more than the Chicago Cubs had last year.