The October Fiesta returns to Newport World Resorts

Newport World Resorts is partnering with 13 of the best local craft brewers in the country for October’s Fiesta.

Only in the Philippines does the season of celebration and merriment begin as soon as the -ber months arrive. Festivities begin with the return of Newport World Resort’s October Fiesta, which celebrates the country’s unique beer drinking culture.

A tradition loved the world over, Oktoberfest gets the Filipino fiesta treatment with the Fiesta of October. Philippine Craft Beers will be in the spotlight at Newport World Resorts, where 13 leading craft brewers will showcase their specialty beer offerings at an event from September 30 to October 2 at The Plaza 2F Newport Mall.

“This is our fourth October Fiesta production. The last two we actually spent at home, and this is the first time we’re going back to the property to celebrate. So we’re excited to be back here,” said Joee Guilas, director of corporate communications for Newport World Resorts, during the press briefing. .

“Our October Fiesta celebration is deeply rooted in our company’s mission to create world-class experiences with a Filipino flair. And since our mission is actually to mobilize and transform the global party into the Philippines, we thought of introducing the word fiesta, because of course fiesta is inherited from the Filipino culture,” he added.

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Guilas said there are three pillars to the fiesta celebration — “a lot of drinking, a lot of eating and a lot of rejoicing.”

Newport World Resorts chose to partner with 13 of the country’s top local craft brewers – Boondocks Brewing Co, Katipunan Craft Ales, Greshbrew, Beer Bunny, Weekend Craft Ales, Crows Beverage Ventures, NTL Craft Beer, Sagada Cellar Door, Drink It Now Pare, Elias Wicked Ales & Spirits, El Deposito Brewery, Nipa Brewery and Engkanto Brewery.

Their partner international hotel brands join the festivities with their own bar chats, while quirky hangout El Calle Food & Music Hall offers classic beer delights: sizzling sisig, grilled sausages and Tinapa nachos. To make the Fiesta even more lively, a series of popular music acts will perform throughout the three-day event.

Celebrate life at Newport World Resorts’ October Festival with craft beers, classic Filipino bar chow and festive music. Tickets are now available at P250 for one craft beer sampler and P1,200 for one local craft beer from Boondocks Brewing Co and Katipunan Craft Ales, Chow Sampler Bar at El Calle Food and Music Hall, and special prize raffle. event.