The US is stepping up its criticism of Russia in the UN Security Council

United Nations: The United States and its allies are set to step up criticism of Russia over the war in Ukraine on Thursday and press other countries to join their strong condemnation of the conflict.
A day after President Joe Biden attacked Russian leader Vladimir Putin for gross violations of the UN Charter and international law, the US is taking the case to the UN. Security Council Senior U.S. officials said Russia should receive its own invasion after further mistrust and isolation.
Officials said Secretary of State Antony Blinking faces accusations of war crimes and other atrocities at a council meeting by his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, and calls on countries that have not yet spoken out forcefully against them as a violation of international order. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to see what they expected from Blinken’s 15-minute presentation.
One official said Blinken provides a convincing case for the Biden administration that the war has not only caused massive destruction to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, but has also exacerbated several other global crises, including potential famines and energy shortages, and has disrupted efforts to improve international health, combat climate change to fight and reduce poverty.
The official said Blinken was pointing to recent developments, including Russia’s new troop mobilization, threats to use nuclear weapons and new efforts to annex parts of Ukraine. Blinken also says the Security Council has a “special responsibility” and duty to speak out against actions that threaten its credibility and relevance as the UN’s most powerful body, the official said.
Despite the campaign, however, Blinken had no illusions that the council would act against Russia, given his veto power as a permanent member, the official said. Instead, the official said, the goal is to persuade other members to impress upon Moscow the global damage the war is causing and demand an end to it.
Ukraine’s president laid out a detailed case against Russia’s invasion at the United Nations on Wednesday and called for punishment from world leaders in a speech just hours after Moscow made an emergency announcement that it would mobilize some reservists for military action.
In a video address to world leaders, Volodymyr Zelensky promised that his forces would not stop until they had retaken all of Ukraine.
“We can return the Ukrainian flag to our entire territory. We can do it by force of arms,” ​​Zelenskyy said. “But we need time.”