Vibration dampers and shock absorbers for your tennis racket – why, what and where? — Sports blog

This question seems to have been debated quite a bit. Originally, the damper was designed to reduce vibration in the racket frame when hitting the ball. When you hit the ball, the strings vibrate and transmit that vibration through the frame and ultimately into your arm. right?

Could be.

A 2004 study debunked the myth that vibration is transmitted to the forearm. Why use it then?

I can only speak from my own experience, and that experience for me is that I like using a silencer because it makes my tongues “deader”. The distinctly audible “ping” has been muted, and even if that may be more placebo than truth, it feels like I’m in more control of the ball.

Without it, my racquet seems untameable and the ball can go off in any direction at any moment.

Of course, it’s probably all in the head, but it’s the biggest part of the game, hitting the ball isn’t difficult, hitting the right frame of mind is.

I also feel like I can spin more and that my strength is down a bit which is good for me. I prefer to be in control of the ball when I have to swing hard instead of slowing down. This is where spin comes into play.

What are vibration dampers/absorbers?

For the most part, there are 2 main types of vibration damper/damper. Round type and long type. And if you’re Andre Agassi, the rubber band guy.