Who Are The 5 Greatest Southpaw Boxers in History? – The Sporting Blog

The left-handed boxer is a rarity, but it has been an attribute of some of the sport’s finest athletes. Some of the biggest boxing stars and world champions have had a southpaw boxing stance.

Many fans even say that the stance provides you with an advantage.

Southpaw boxers tend to keep their right hand and foot forward when they box. They deliver right-handed jabs to their opponents but they tend to finish with left cross right hooks.

Are Southpaws Better Boxers?

Yes. There’s a belief that southpaws have an advantage, and there’s a lot of truth to it! They are favored by the angles and footwork, along with several other pros of the stance.

Southpaw fighters are able to use both of their hands powerfully, and they even fare better at long-range punching.

The major factor in the success of southpaws is that they’re used to fighting orthodox fighters rather than vice versa. This experience always works out in their favorite.

Hence, southpaw boxers are able to win even if they lack the speed and power that their opponents possess.

So, who are the greatest southpaw boxers of all time? Find out below.

The 5 Greatest Southpaw Boxers

The following are the best southpaws to ever grace the boxing ring:

1. Pernell Whittaker

We begin this list strong with an Olympic gold medalist and one of the lightweight GOATs. The late Pernell Whittaker is not only one of the fastest boxers ever, but he’s also one of the most famous Southpaw boxers in the sport’s history.

Whittaker was famous for his combinations and using his speed and size to get out of harm’s way. He is considered by many boxing experts to be the greatest defensive boxer in history.

A world champion in four different weight classes, he still holds the record for the longest unified lightweight title reign.

Whittaker was considered to be the best P4P boxer in the 90s and he retired with a gleaming record of 40-4-1.